VFX Superviser: Paulo Tibau

All CG elements: Eduardo Vieira

Composition: Bernardo Varela                                 

Produced at Estudios Mega and TV Record
For the neck I built an IK spline.
In the legs I used IK as well, but in the opposite direction it normally is for human legs.
In the wings I decided to make direct connections between the left and right wing.
This way I only needed to animate one wing instead of both.
In order to keep the project not so expensive to render, I decided to keep the model very
simple and work with refined textures and opacity maps for the feathers.
This is a scene from the soap opera "Bicho do Mato" produced at TV
In this scene I made all the CG herons ( animation, modeling, rigging,
lighting) and all CG crashing elements( glass, pieces of herons crashing
into the airplane).